AU bank credit card: how to apply, benefits, features

The full name of AU Bank is Action and Urgency Small Finance Bank.

              Type 1. LIT Credit Card 2. Zenith Credit Card 3. Vetta Credit Card 4. Altura Plus Credit Card 5. Altura Credit Card

Benefits and Feature Existing Cashback Benefits  Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Contactless Card Usage

Must be an Indian resident. Primary card holder age from 21 years to 60 year

Altura Credit Card -3.49% per month/annual 41.88% Vetta Credit Card -2.99% per month/annual 35.88% LIT Credit Card -3.49% per month/annual 41.88%

Balance Transfer Charge: Rs.250 Loan Processing Fees: Rs.500. Re-issuance Card: Rs.100.

cusCall Us: 180012001500 E-mail ID: creditcard.priority@aubank.intomer care

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