Boeing is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, telecommunications equipment, rockets and satellites.

It is known worldwide as one of the largest producers of aeroplans in all countries.

Boeing has a net worth of $ 85 Billion.

The company is currently based in Chicago, Illinois, 2022. It is also counted as the third largest producer of defense contractors.

It was started in 1916 in Seattle, Washington by founder William Boing

In 2019, the company won Boeing for Best Company Perks & Benefits and Best Company Compensation and also won the 10th Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

Boeing has come under Fortune magazine in the “Fortune 500” list in the year 2020 and is also on the 121st place “Fortune Global 500” list. 

In 1929, the company was renamed the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation.

In 2001 the company moved its operation from Seattle to Chicago.